Jul 24, 2020


(tiếp tục "Barbusse ở Việt Nam""một princesse" - ở đây là tiếp tục loạt oVietNam, một cách tổng lực, và lấn vào lsbcvn)

"Good reviews are even more ephemeral than bad books."

một bộ gần như đủ (có thể gọi là coi như đủ):

đây là tờ tạp chí trình hiện rất rõ trình độ hiểu biết thế giới, cũng như trình độ dịch thuật, của mấy thế hệ

trong đó, yếu tố nổi bật là các nhân vật từng qua trường đào tạo Liên Xô và Đông Âu (và liên quan)


  1. Thép đã tôi thế đấy.

  2. Thép đã tôi thế đấy.
    Những ngày cuối của Sigmund Freud (1)
    May 6, 1856 Sigmund Freud born

    April 1923 first operation for cancer. THE EGO AND THE ID , and the structural theory of the mind formulated.

    June 1938 journey to London (to die in freedom)
    Sep 1, 1939 the German marched into Poland
    Sep 3, 1939 France and Britain entered the war
    Sep 23, 1939 death.
    (In the last days) . Freud was very tired now, and it was hard to feed him. But while he suffered greatly and the nights were hard, he did not get, and did not want, any sedation. He could still read, and his last book was a Balzac's mysterious tale of the magical shrinking skin, LA PEAU DE CHAGRIN. When he had finished the book he told Schurr , casually , that this had been the right book for him to read, dealing as it did with shrinking and starvation. It was the shrinking, Anna Freud thought, that seemed to speak particularly to his condition: his time was running out. (Freud . A life for our time. Peter Gay. 1988)

  3. Thép đã tôi thế đấy.
    Những ngày cuối của Sigmund Freud (2)
    On Sep 21, 1939 as Shurr (his friend and doctor) was sitting by Freud 's bedside, Freud took his hand and said to him, "Schurr, you remember our 'contract' not to leave me in the lurch when the time had come. Now it is nothing but torture and makes no sense.". Schurr indicated that he had not forgotten. Freud gave a sign of relief, kept his hand for a moment, and said '' I thank you. '' Then, after a slight hesitation, he added , "Talk it over with Anna, and if she thinks it 's right, then make an end of it." As she had been for years, so at this juncture, Freud's Antigone was first in his thoughts. Anna wanted to postpone the fatal moment, but Schurr insisted that to keep Freud going was pointless, and she submitted to the inevitable, as had her father. The time had come; he knew and he acted. This was Freud 's interpretation of his saying that he had come to England to die in freedom.

    Schurr was on the point of tears as he witnessed Freud facing death with dignity and without self-pity. He had never seen anyone died like that. On Sep 21, Schurr injected Freud with three centigrams of morphine -- the normal dose for sedation was two centigrams -- and Freud sank into a peaceful sleep. Schurr repeated the injection, when he became restless, and administered a final one the next day, Sep 22. Freud lapsed into a coma from which he did not awake. He died at three in the morning , Sep 23, 1939.

  4. Bao nhiu là xiền J Của chú hết ạ? Chú đọc tất tật từng này rồi ạ? Chú có bán lại thì cháu mua 5c. (Uông Sĩ Báu)

  5. nghe cũng bùi tai; nhưng nguyên tắc là: ai máu quá đưa lời đề nghị trước sẽ phải chấp nhận mọi điều kiện của bên kia

  6. Điều kiện sao chú? Quan trọng chú đừng hét giá cháu có ít xiền lắm ạ(USB)

  7. Thì ra chú không phải dân mua bán sách. Cháu xui xẻo rồi J

  8. em tưởng nước giếng sâu em nối sợi dây dài